Articling Registry   


The Articling Registry enhances awareness of available articling placements in Ontario. Law firms, legal organizations, law students and licensing candidates may use the registry as a tool to post and find articling placements. Firms or organizations may post available positions using varying search criteria such as geographic location, start date, and area of law.

All postings will be removed from the registry 60 days after the date of the application deadline.

The Law Society of Upper Canada does not endorse the firms, lawyers or the information on this registry, however the Law Society reserves the right to remove any postings that do not comply with its policies, procedures or the Hiring Practice Guidelines. All postings for unpaid placements will be removed. The Registry is a tool designed to help candidates find paid articling placements. The Law Society of Upper Canada does not endorse the suitability of placements, postings or profiles listed on the Registry, nor does the Law Society endorse that the lawyers listed on the Registry are approved Articling Principals. Candidates are advised to contact Articling at the Law Society of Upper Canada if they wish to verify the suitability of a particular posting. The Law Society, its benchers, officers and employees exclude all liability for loss or damage arising from the use of, or reliance on, the individuals listed in the Registry.

If you wish to create a job posting for an articling placement, please ensure that a member of your organization is eligible to act as an Articling Principal prior to creating a job posting.

Firms or organizations who wish to search for candidates who are eligible to article may contact Articling at the Law Society of Upper Canada to obtain a list candidates along with a brief biographical paragraph about each candidate. Candidates who wish to be placed on this list for distribution to potential employers may complete and submit this form to Articling at the Law Society.

First-time users must create a unique username and password distinct from any other Licensing Process or Law Society ID.